Opening the Brow Chakra (The Third Eye)

There is so much hype surrounding the 3rd eye (or brow chakra) and what the keys to activating and unblocking it are. Many people do not realise that before the opening of the 3rd eye chakra can occur, that the heart chakra needs to be cleansed in order to release old belief systems that are blocking you from reaching your potential.

How does one get rid of old belief systems from one’s being?

In my personal opinion it is a matter of intention and asking for help from the Source of All, to allow you to realise whatever belief systems are holding you back from being more aware of your higher Self.

Usually the most common belief system that needs to be eradicated is fear of the unknown; other belief systems may surface for clearing if you have been raised to believe that such things are evil.

Once you have realised a belief you hold within yourself that is holding you back, you are then able to work on releasing the out-dated thought patterns of the self; either through meditation, affirmation, prayer or any other way that seems suitable for you.

When the heart is opened…

When the old belief systems you once held within your being are gone, you are then able to access the heart’s centre (the Divine Spark) that is one with all and let the energy of that Divine part of you surround your being; allowing you to be aligned with your highest intentions, awareness and purpose.

Other tips:

Do not expect anything, sometimes the biggest block we have put on our gifts is that we expect too much, or that we want the process to hurry up. Be patient, go with the flow of what is happening and your inner sight will open when it’s meant to.

If at any time you start to feel fear of the unknown, call upon your guides, the Source, or the Archangels (especially Michael) for protection and trust that you are safe within yourself as you are well protected, but remember that we have free will so therefore we have to ask for this protection for our guides to act. Remember it is only energy you are seeing.

Just observe, be mindful of the new experiences and do not ignore them; make a mental note whenever you see progress, and thank the Source and your guides for their help.

There are multiple books and websites that have methods to open the 3rd eye chakra; however you will have to experiment to see what works for you. The most noticeable symptom of the 3rd eye opening is a pressure centred between your brows (it shouldn’t be painful). Remember, a simply chakra opening may not work straight away and you may need to deal with some stuff before this process can start occur.


2 thoughts on “Opening the Brow Chakra (The Third Eye)

  1. Hi …. I experienced this … the opening of my 3rd eye ..a while back … but let me tell you that there are many many more as this has been my experience. When I am at my work … I feel a rewinding motion .. in so many parts of my head and my body that at first I just thought of it as God making his presence known to me .. i.e. in me. I also know that He is definitely unto something .. though I am not absolutely certain … but to me it feels like a tickle … like love being expressed. I just like to be still when I experience this …. but I am always so busy .. that sometimes I am truly not able to be so. You must visit my blog and read my latest poem on creation. I just began writing it and then edited it into a 5 line verse. It all simply fell into place. I think its one the world will sit up and take notice … its that good.

  2. Thanks for your comment 🙂 yes there are many different experiences that can occur when you open yourself to the Source. Sometimes I get what feels like a pole going into my crown chakra to my third eye or heart, or sometimes I feel my chakras getting heavy/light/hot/cold or a feeling that energetic connections are being dislodged and reconnected for the better (that’s the closest to words that I can use to describe it). There are so many variations on what can happen when you open yourself to pure awareness.

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